Gene Detail

Gene Symbol SMAD2
Synonyms hMAD-2 | hSMAD2 | JV18 | JV18-1 | MADH2 | MADR2
Gene Description SMAD2, SMAD family member 2, is also known as mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 2 and is a tumor suppressor (PMID: 30562755) and receptor-activated Smad protein that acts as a transcription factor to transduce TGF-beta signaling (PMID: 17340614). SMAD2 germline mutations are common in juvenile polyposis (PMID: 30562755) and somatic mutations in Smad2 have been associated with several solid tumor types (PMID: 22204491, PMID: 10822381).
Entrez Id 4087
Chromosome 18
Map Location 18q21.1
Canonical Transcript NM_005901

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