Gene Detail

Gene Symbol MMP9
Synonyms CLG4B | GELB | MANDP2 | MMP-9
Gene Description MMP9, matrix metalloproteinase-9, plays a role in modeling of the extracellular matrix and in angiogenesis (PMID: 30013825) and therefore, may be involved in tumor metastasis (PMID: 29137230). MMP9 overexpression has been observed in a variety of solid tumor types including, clear cell renal carcinoma (PMID: 30013825), papillary thyroid cancer (PMID: 29632659), lung adenocarcinoma (PMID: 29443542), and ovarian cancer (PMID: 22832979).
Entrez Id 4318
Chromosome 20
Map Location 20q13.12
Canonical Transcript NM_004994

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