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Gene Symbol MN1
Synonyms CEBALID | dJ353E16.2 | MGCR | MGCR1 | MGCR1-PEN
Gene Description MN1, MN1 proto-oncogene, transcriptional regulator, encodes a transcriptional co-factor that interacts with Rac3 and p300 to regulate gene expression of RARA/RXR targets (PMID: 12569362), and plays a role in craniofacial development (PMID: 15870292, PMID: 31834374), hematopoiesis (PMID: 18632758), and osteoclast proliferation (PMID: 19386590). Increased MN1 expression has been observed in acute myeloid leukemia (PMID: 27983532) and colorectal cancer (PMID: 31133374), and MN1 fusions with BEND1, ETV6, and STAT3 have been identified in myeloid leukemia and astroblastoma (PMID: 11094079, PMID: 29348602, PMID: 31902945).
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