Gene Detail

Gene Symbol MTAP
Synonyms BDMF | c86fus | DMSFH | DMSMFH | HEL-249 | LGMBF | MSAP
Gene Description MTAP, methylthioadenosine phosphorylase, encodes an enzyme that plays a role in the methionine salvage pathway via catalyzing methylthioadenosine (MTA), a product of polyamine biosynthesis, and results in salvaging adenine and methionine (PMID: 26751376, PMID: 24324622). Loss of MTAP frequently occurs in a variety of tumors, which may result in an accumulation of MTA, leading to deregulation of cellular pathways (PMID: 27068473, PMID: 26819315).
Entrez Id 4507
Chromosome 9
Map Location 9p21.3
Canonical Transcript NM_002451

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