Gene Detail

Gene Symbol MYO5A
Synonyms GS1 | MYH12 | MYO5 | MYR12
Gene Description MYO5A, unconventional myosin-Va, functions as an actin-based motor to transport molecules to the plasma membrane (PMID: 23176491) and plays a role in malignant transformation in melanoma (PMID: 23652798). MYO5A fusions with ROS1 and NTRK3 have been observed in Spitz naevi and spitzoid melanomas (PMID: 24445538, PMID: 27477320, PMID: 28433076) and overexpression of Myo5a has been reported in melanoma (PMID: 23652798).
Entrez Id 4644
Chromosome 15
Map Location 15q21.2
Canonical Transcript NM_000259

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