Gene Detail

Gene Symbol ATF1
Synonyms EWS-ATF1 | FUS/ATF-1 | TREB36
Gene Description ATF1, cyclic AMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-1, belongs to the CREB/ATF family of basic/leucine zipper transcription factors (PMID: 1655749, PMID: 8384217) and plays a role in cell migration and invasion (PMID: 28912415). ATF1 fusions with EWSR1 frequently occur in hyalinizing clear-cell carcinoma (PMID: 21484932, PMID: 29434341), myxoid mesenchymal tumors (PMID: 29143432), and clear cell sarcoma-like tumors (PMID: 29491075, PMID: 29197033) and overexpression of Atf1 occurs in several tumor types (PMID: 28912415).
Entrez Id 466
Chromosome 12
Map Location 12q13.12
Canonical Transcript NM_005171

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