Gene Detail

Gene Symbol NFKB1
Synonyms CVID12 | EBP-1 | KBF1 | NF-kappa-B1 | NF-kappaB | NF-kB1 | NFkappaB | NFKB-p105 | NFKB-p50 | p105 | p50
Gene Description NFKB1, nuclear factor kappa B subunit 1, encodes for a member of the NF-kappa B transcriptional factor family and plays a regulatory role in a number of cellular processes including stress responses, immunity, cell proliferation and apoptosis, and inflammation (PMID: 19519322, PMID: 26663363). NFKB1 acts as a oncogene or tumor tumor suppressor, depending on context (PMID: 30205516), and ncreased NFKB1 activity has been associated with a variety of cancer types (PMID: 23915189) and somatic NFKB1 mutations have been observed in breast cancer (PMID: 22302350).
Entrez Id 4790
Chromosome 4
Map Location 4q24
Canonical Transcript NM_001165412

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