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Gene Symbol PHF20
Synonyms C20orf104 | GLEA2 | HCA58 | NZF | TDRD20A | TZP
Gene Description PHF20, PHD finger protein 20, encodes a methyl lysine effector subunit of the NSL acetyltransferase complex involved in histone and non-histone protein acetylation (PMID: 20018852, PMID: 22072714), which plays a role in activation of Tp53 in response to DNA damage (PMID: 22864287, PMID: 22975685), and regulation of NF-kappaB signaling (PMID: 23797602), and gene expression (PMID: 22072714, PMID: 27760318). Increased PHF20 expression has been identified in glioma (PMID: 33117706), decreased expression of PHF20 has been identified in primary myelofibrosis and essential thrombocythemia (PMID: 24675105), and a fusion with NTRK1 has been identified in pulmonary sarcomatous carcinoma (PMID: 31208361).
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