Gene Detail

Gene Symbol ENPP3
Synonyms B10 | CD203c | NPP3 | PD-IBETA | PDNP3
Gene Description ENPP3, ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase family member 3, is a basophil activation marker (PMID: 26589436) that hydrolyze nucleotides (PMID: 25692702) and nucleotide sugars, which may influence overall cellular glycosylation profiles (PMID: 23960081). Overexpression of Enpp3 has been observed in adrenocortical carcinomas (PMID: 29045509) and is a target for antibody-drug conjugates in refractory renal cell carcinoma (PMID: 29848572, PMID: 26589436).
Entrez Id 5169
Chromosome 6
Map Location 6q23.2
Canonical Transcript NM_005021

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