Gene Detail

Gene Symbol POLR2A
Synonyms hRPB220 | hsRPB1 | POLR2 | POLRA | RPB1 | RPBh1 | RpIILS | RPO2 | RPOL2
Gene Description POLR2A, polymerase (RNA) II subunit A, encodes for the largest RNA polymerase II subunit, which is responsible for the transcription of RNA and thus, required for cell survival (PMID: 8990153). POLR2A variants have been identified in several types of cancer including menigiomas (PMID: 27548314) and colorectal cancer, where POLR2A loss is often linked to hemizygous loss of TP53 (PMID: 25985938).
Entrez Id 5430
Chromosome 17
Map Location 17p13.1
Canonical Transcript NM_000937

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