Gene Detail

Gene Symbol AFAP1
Synonyms AFAP | AFAP-110 | AFAP110
Gene Description AFAP1, actin filament associated protein 1, binds actin and regulates actin filament organization, plays a role in SRC activation, and may function as an adaptor protein for signaling molecules (PMID: 11607843, PMID: 21236256, PMID: 25043309). AFAP1 over expression has been demonstrated in prostate cancer (PMID: 17885682), and a fusion between AFAP1 and NTRK2 has been demonstrated in low-grade glioma (PMID: 25204415).
Entrez Id 60312
Chromosome 4
Map Location 4p16.1
Canonical Transcript NM_198595

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