Gene Detail

Gene Symbol SALL2
Synonyms COLB | HSAL2 | p150(Sal2) | Sal-2 | ZNF795
Gene Description SALL2, Sal-like protein 2, is a member of the spalt-like (SALL) transcription factor family that regulates a number of gene targets, including TP53, CDKN1A, and MYC and may play a role as a tumor suppressor or oncogene, depending on context (PMID: 28430874, PMID: 27957650). Altered Sall2 expression has been observed in several tumor types, including serous ovarian carcinoma and glioblastoma (PMID: 27957650), and a fusion with Braf has been reported in NSCLC (PMID: 29883838).
Entrez Id 6297
Chromosome 14
Map Location 14q11.2
Canonical Transcript NM_005407

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