Gene Detail

Gene Symbol NKX2-1
Synonyms BCH | BHC | NK-2 | NKX2.1 | NKX2A | NMTC1 | T/EBP | TEBP | TITF1 | TTF-1 | TTF1
Gene Description NKX2-1, NK2 homeobox 1, is a transcription factor involved in thyroid, lung, and brain development (PMID: 23763999). NKX2-1 may act as an oncogene or tumor suppressor, depending on the cellular context (PMID: 23763999, PMID: 29237428), and enrichment of NKX2-1 inactivating mutations has been demonstrated in non-terminal respiratory unit (TRU)-type lung adenocarcinomas (PMID: 28677170).
Entrez Id 7080
Chromosome 14
Map Location 14q13.3
Canonical Transcript NM_003317

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