Gene Detail

Gene Symbol PRDM2
Synonyms HUMHOXY1 | KMT8 | KMT8A | MTB-ZF | RIZ | RIZ1 | RIZ2
Gene Description PRDM2, PR domain zinc finger protein 2, is a histone methyltransferase that encodes two proteins Riz1 and Riz2 (PMID: 27983647). PRDM2 lies in a region of chromosome 1p that is often deleted in tumors and therefore, Prdm2/Riz may function as a tumor suppressor in various tumor types, including testicular germ cell tumors (PMID: 21369371; PMID: 20159667; PMID: 18712668; PMID: 27983647).
Entrez Id 7799
Chromosome 1
Map Location 1p36.21
Canonical Transcript NM_012231

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