Gene Detail

Gene Symbol KAT6A
Synonyms MOZ | MRD32 | MYST-3 | MYST3 | RUNXBP2 | ZC2HC6A | ZNF220
Gene Description KAT6A, lysine acetyltransferase 6A, encodes for a histone acetyltransferase and plays a role as a transcriptional co-activator of DNA-binding transcription factors, especially in the context of hematopoiesis (PMID: 23347099). KAT6A fusions with EP300, NCOA2, and CREBBP have been identified in acute myeloid leukemia (PMID: 16626284).
Entrez Id 7994
Chromosome 8
Map Location 8p11.21
Canonical Transcript NM_006766

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