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Gene Symbol CAV1
Synonyms BSCL3 | CGL3 | LCCNS | MSTP085 | PPH3 | VIP21
Gene Description CAV1, caveolin 1, is a scaffolding protein and a component of plasma membrane caveolae that plays a role in regulation of intracellular signaling pathways such as calcium and receptor tyrosine kinase signaling (PMID: 12189159, PMID: 11498544, PMID: 16723736), membrane trafficking (PMID: 15369675), and lipid metabolism and transport (PMID: 18508910). CAV1 mutations and increased and decreased CAV1 expression have been identified in breast cancer (PMID: 16723714, PMID: 17200343, PMID: 21901387) while elevated expression has been observed in pancreatic cancer (PMID: 26065715) and decreased expression has been identified in ovarian carcinoma (PMID: 11696424) and sarcomas (PMID: 11238032).
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