Gene Detail

Gene Symbol TRIM24
Synonyms hTIF1 | PTC6 | RNF82 | TF1A | TIF1 | TIF1A | TIF1ALPHA
Gene Description TRIM24, tripartite motif containing 24, functions as E3 ubiquitin ligase that regulates Tp53 degradation, and also acts to regulate the transactivation activity of multiple nuclear receptors (PMID: 21979307, PMID: 19844164). TRIM24 over expression is associated with several tumor types, and fusions have been identified in tumors including liver and thyroid cancers (PMID: 24409330, PMID: 21979307).
Entrez Id 8805
Chromosome 7
Map Location 7q33-q34
Canonical Transcript NM_015905

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