Gene Detail

Gene Symbol PROM1
Synonyms AC133 | CD133 | CORD12 | MCDR2 | MSTP061 | PROML1 | RP41 | STGD4
Gene Description PROM1 (CD133), prominin-1, is a transmembrane glycoprotein that plays a role in retinal development, cell growth and is highly enriched on cancer stem cell membranes (PMID: 30399449, PMID: 20818439). Overexpression of Prom1 (Cd133) has been observed in a variety of tumor types, including, ovarian (PMID: 2916866), colorectal (PMID: 30061254), prostate (PMID: 29104488), rectal, lung, neuroblastoma (PMID: 29322842), and glioblastoma, where it may correlate with poor outcomes and resistance to chemotherapy and radiation therapy (PMID: 30399449).
Entrez Id 8842
Chromosome 4
Map Location 4p15.32
Canonical Transcript NM_006017

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