Gene Detail

Gene Symbol AKAP4
Synonyms AKAP 82 | AKAP-4 | AKAP82 | CT99 | FSC1 | hAKAP82 | HI | p82 | PRKA4
Gene Description AKAP4, A-kinase anchor protein 4, binds protein kinase A and is a cancer testis antigen that regulates cell proliferation, angiogenesis (PMID: 27148411) and may play a role in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (PMID: 30145836). Overexpression of Akap4 has been observed in esophageal (PMID: 27158351), lung (PMID: 27148411), thyroid (PMID: 27983916), colorectal (PMID: 29480665), ovarian (PMID: 23762804), and gastric cancers (PMID: 30145836).
Entrez Id 8852
Chromosome X
Map Location Xp11.22
Canonical Transcript NM_003886

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