Gene Detail

Gene Symbol CD8B
Synonyms CD8B1 | LEU2 | LY3 | LYT3 | P37
Gene Description CD8B, T-cell surface glycoprotein CD8 beta chain, is a subunit of the CD8 complex, which forms a coreceptor with major histocompatibility complex class I (MHCI) molecules for antigen detection (PMID: 21677135, PMID: 24675400). Expression of Cd8b is a marker for T-cell activation and levels detected on tumor-infiltrating T-cells is often used to predict favorable response to immunotherapy (PMID: 30323667, PMID: 30387832, PMID: 30120041).
Entrez Id 926
Chromosome 2
Map Location 2p11.2
Canonical Transcript NM_004931

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