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Therapy Name Reolysin
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Drug Name Trade Name Synonyms Drug Classes Drug Description
Reolysin REOLYSIN pelareorep RAS Inhibitor (Pan) 7 Reolysin (pelareorep) is a reovirus, which specifically infects and replicates in RAS-activated cells to induce apoptosis, and may also induce anti-tumor immune response (PMID: 29799479).
Molecular Profile Indication/Tumor Type Response Type Therapy Name Approval Status Evidence Type Efficacy Evidence References
Unknown unknown Advanced Solid Tumor not applicable Reolysin Phase I Actionable In a Phase I study, Reolysin (pelareorep) demonstrated safety and some efficacy in patients with advanced solid tumors (PMID: 22886613). 22886613
KRAS mutant colorectal cancer sensitive Reolysin Preclinical - Cell culture Actionable In a preclinical study, colorectal cancer cells harboring a KRAS mutation demonstrated growth inhibition, cell membrane dysruption, induction of apoptosis, and G2/M arrest in culture when treated with Reolysin (pelareorep) (PMID: 24798549). 24798549
Clinical Trial Phase Therapies Title Recruitment Status
NCT01656538 Phase II Reolysin Paclitaxel A Study of Reolysin For Patients With Advanced/Metastatic Breast Cancer Completed
NCT02620423 Phase I Gemcitabine Fluorouracil Irinotecan Reolysin Leucovorin Pembrolizumab Study of Pembrolizumab With REOLYSIN and Chemotherapy in Patients With Advanced Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Completed
NCT01622543 Phase II Bevacizumab + FOLFOX Reolysin Reolysin in Combination With FOLFOX6 and Bevacizumab or FOLFOX6 and Bevacizumab Alone in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Unknown status
NCT01619813 Phase II Docetaxel + Prednisone Reolysin Reolysin Combined With Docetaxel and Prednisone or Docetaxel and Prednisone Alone in Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Completed