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Therapy Name Prednisone
Therapy Description

Prednisone is a corticosteroid which functions as an immunosuppressant and anti-inflammatory agent and which may stimulate apoptosis in tumor cells (NCI Drug Dictionary).


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Drug Name Trade Name Synonyms Drug Classes Drug Description
Prednisone Adasone Dehydrocortisone Prednisone is a corticosteroid which functions as an immunosuppressant and anti-inflammatory agent and which may stimulate apoptosis in tumor cells (NCI Drug Dictionary).
Molecular Profile Indication/Tumor Type Response Type Therapy Name Approval Status Evidence Type Efficacy Evidence References
Clinical Trial Phase Therapies Title Recruitment Status
NCT01961843 Phase I Prednisone Abiraterone Abiraterone Acetate for Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer Active, not recruiting
NCT00536991 Phase Ib/II Prednisone calcitriol Ketoconazole Calcitriol, Ketoconazole, and Hydrocortisone in Treating Patients With Advanced or Recurrent Prostate Cancer Terminated
NCT02043678 Phase III Prednisone Abiraterone Radium Ra 223 dichloride Radium-223 Dichloride and Abiraterone Acetate Compared to Placebo and Abiraterone Acetate for Men With Cancer of the Prostate When Medical or Surgical Castration Does Not Work and When the Cancer Has Spread to the Bone, Has Not Been Treated With Chemotherapy and is Causing no or Only Mild Symptoms Active, not recruiting
NCT02522715 Phase Ib/II Cabazitaxel + Enzalutamide Prednisone Enzalutamide and Cabazitaxel in Treating Patients With Metastatic, Hormone-Resistant Prostate Cancer Recruiting
NCT03767244 Phase III Apalutamide Abiraterone + Apalutamide Prednisone A Study of Apalutamide in Participants With High-Risk, Localized or Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer Who Are Candidates for Radical Prostatectomy Not yet recruiting
NCT02636322 Phase II Cyclophosphamide + Doxorubicin + Etoposide + Vincristine Ibrutinib + Lenalidomide + Rituximab Prednisone A Study of Rituximab, Lenalidomide, and Ibrutinib Combined With Dose Adjusted Chemotherapy For Patients With High Risk Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Active, not recruiting
NCT02403505 Phase II Enzalutamide Abiraterone Prednisone Degarelix Discovery Stage Clinical Study About Oncology Drugs and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Active, not recruiting
NCT02883049 Phase III Dasatinib Dexamethasone + Doxorubicin Prednisone Vincristine Thioguanine Cytarabine Mercaptopurine Leucovorin Methotrexate Pegaspargase Etoposide Clofarabine Combination Chemotherapy in Treating Young Patients With Newly Diagnosed High-Risk B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Ph-Like TKI Sensitive Mutations Suspended
NCT01503229 Phase II Prednisone Abiraterone Abiraterone Acetate in Treating Patients With Metastatic Hormone-Resistant Prostate Cancer Active, not recruiting
NCT01614197 Phase I Etoposide Cyclophosphamide Prednisone Cytarabine Temsirolimus Methotrexate A Trial of Temsirolimus With Etoposide and Cyclophosphamide in Children With Relapsed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Recruiting
NCT02723994 Phase II Prednisone Dexamethasone + Doxorubicin Leucovorin Mercaptopurine + Thioguanine Asparaginase + Cytarabine Ruxolitinib Cyclophosphamide + Methotrexate + Pegaspargase + Vincristine A Phase 2 Study of Ruxolitinib With Chemotherapy in Children With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Recruiting
NCT01681433 Phase II Prednisone Abiraterone OGX-427 OGX-427 in Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer With Prostate-Specific Antigen Progression While Receiving Abiraterone Terminated
NCT02490878 Phase II Dexamethasone Prednisone Bevacizumab Corticosteroids + Bevacizumab vs. Corticosteroids + Placebo (BEST) for Radionecrosis After Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases Active, not recruiting
NCT01848067 Phase Ib/II Abiraterone Prednisone Alisertib Alisertib, Abiraterone Acetate and Prednisone in Treating Patients With Hormone-Resistant Prostate Cancer Completed
NCT02626455 Phase III Vincristine Prednisone Aldoxorubicin + Cyclophosphamide + Prednisone + Rituximab + Vincristine Copanlisib Bendamustine + Rituximab Rituximab Study of Copanlisib in Combination With Standard Immunochemotherapy in Relapsed Indolent Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (iNHL) Recruiting
NCT02419755 Phase II Cytarabine Mercaptopurine Methotrexate Pegaspargase Vorinostat Doxorubicin Bortezomib Dexamethasone Mitoxantrone Prednisone Bortezomib and Vorinostat in Younger Patients With Refractory or Relapsed MLL Rearranged Hematologic Malignancies Terminated
NCT01576172 Phase II Abiraterone Prednisone Veliparib Abiraterone Acetate and Prednisone With or Without Veliparib in Treating Patients With Metastatic Hormone-Resistant Prostate Cancer Active, not recruiting
NCT03020030 Phase III Nelarabine Dexrazoxane Asparaginase Vincristine Cyclophosphamide Cytarabine Mercaptopurine Pegaspargase Methotrexate Etoposide Doxorubicin Dexamethasone Prednisone Dasatinib Leucovorin Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Children and Adolescents Recruiting
NCT03093272 Phase II Leuprolide Prednisone Apalutamide + Docetaxel A Study of Docetaxel + ARN-509 in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Recruiting
NCT02356159 Phase Ib/II Cytarabine + Fludarabine Palifermin Prednisone Filgrastim Methotrexate + Sirolimus + Tacrolimus Doxorubicin + Etoposide + Fludarabine + Vincristine Cyclophosphamide + Fludarabine Rituximab Study of Palifermin (Kepivance) in Persons Undergoing Unrelated Donor Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Recruiting
NCT02034552 Phase II Prednisone Radium Ra 223 dichloride Enzalutamide Abiraterone A Randomized Phase IIa Efficacy and Safety Study of Radium-223 Dichloride With Abiraterone Acetate or Enzalutamide in Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC) Completed
NCT01786265 Phase II Goserelin Degarelix Abiraterone Prednisone Leuprolide Finite Androgen Ablation vs. Finite Androgen Ablation in Combination With Abiraterone Acetate and Prednisone Active, not recruiting
NCT00859781 Phase II Prednisone Ketoconazole 177Lu Radiolabeled Monoclonal Antibody HuJ591 (177Lu-J591) and Ketoconazole in Patients With Prostate Cancer Recruiting
NCT02268175 Phase II Enzalutamide Abiraterone Prednisone Leuprolide Enzalutamide/Leuprolide +/- Abiraterone/Pred in Prostate Active, not recruiting
NCT01553188 Phase II Prednisone Abiraterone Trebananib AMG 386 and Abiraterone for Advanced Prostate Cancer Completed
NCT02496585 Phase II Nintedanib Prednisone Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Nintedanib (BIBF 1120) + Prednisone Taper in Patients With Radiation Pneumonitis Recruiting
NCT03023046 Phase II Rituximab Doxorubicin Etoposide Imatinib Dasatinib Cyclophosphamide Prednisone Vincristine Etoposide, Prednisone, Vincristine Sulfate, Cyclophosphamide, and Doxorubicin in Treating Patients With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Recruiting
NCT03269669 Phase II Cyclophosphamide + Doxorubicin + Obinutuzumab + Prednisone + Vincristine Lenalidomide + Obinutuzumab Obinutuzumab + Umbralisib Prednisone Obinutuzumab With or Without PI3K-delta Inhibitor TGR-1202, Lenalidomide, or Combination Chemotherapy in Treating Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Grade I-IIIa Follicular Lymphoma Recruiting
NCT03117751 Phase II Cyclophosphamide Vincristine Idarubicin Blinatumomab Doxorubicin Clofarabine Vorinostat Ruxolitinib Prednisone Bortezomib Etoposide Dasatinib Daunorubicin Dexamethasone Rituximab Methotrexate Cytarabine Mercaptopurine Pegaspargase Total Therapy XVII for Newly Diagnosed Patients With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Lymphoma Recruiting
NCT02535806 Phase II Vincristine Bortezomib Pegaspargase Methotrexate Cytarabine Mitoxantrone Prednisone Four Drug Reinduction With Bortezomib for Relapsed or Refractory ALL or LL in Children and Young Adults Terminated
NCT02379390 Phase II Prednisone Abiraterone Enzalutamide Cabazitaxel Cabazitaxel Versus the Switch to Alternative AR Targeted Therapy Enzalutamide or Abiraterone in Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC) Primary Resistant Patients to Abiraterone or Enz (PRIMCAB) Completed
NCT00084695 Phase II Fludarabine Busulfan + Melphalan anti-thymocyte globulin Cyclophosphamide Prednisone Umbilical Cord Blood for Stem Cell Transplantation in Treating Young Patients With Malignant or Nonmalignant Diseases Unknown status
NCT01523977 Phase I Prednisone Everolimus Vincristine Doxorubicin Pegaspargase Everolimus With Multiagent Re-Induction Chemotherapy in Pediatric Patients With ALL Completed
NCT03678025 Phase III Docetaxel Nilutamide Triptorelin Bicalutamide Leuprolide Degarelix Goserelin Flutamide Prednisone Abiraterone Histrelin acetate Standard Systemic Therapy With or Without Definitive Treatment in Treating Participants With Metastatic Prostate Cancer Recruiting
NCT01998971 Phase I Pomalidomide Bortezomib + Dexamethasone Melphalan Thalidomide Lenalidomide Prednisone Daratumumab Carfilzomib Diphenhydramine Montelukast A Study of JNJ-54767414 (HuMax CD38) (Anti-CD38 Monoclonal Antibody) in Combination With Backbone Treatments for the Treatment of Patients With Multiple Myeloma Active, not recruiting
NCT03150056 Phase I Abiraterone + GSK525762 Enzalutamide + GSK525762 Prednisone Dose Escalation and Dose Expansion Study of GSK525762 in Combination With Androgen Deprivation Therapy and Other Agents in Subjects With Castrate-resistant Prostate Cancer Active, not recruiting
NCT01949337 Phase III Abiraterone Prednisone Enzalutamide Enzalutamide With or Without Abiraterone and Prednisone in Treating Patients With Castration-Resistant Metastatic Prostate Cancer Active, not recruiting
NCT02538926 Phase II Imatinib Rituximab Cyclophosphamide Prednisone Doxorubicin + Etoposide + Vincristine Asparaginase Etoposide, Prednisone, Vincristine Sulfate, Cyclophosphamide, and Doxorubicin Hydrochloride With Asparaginase in Treating Patients With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Withdrawn
NCT01972217 Phase II Prednisone Abiraterone Olaparib Ph II Study to Evaluate Olaparib With Abiraterone in Treating Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Active, not recruiting
NCT02337985 Phase I Rituximab Cyclophosphamide + Doxorubicin + Etoposide + Vincristine Filgrastim Prednisone Gene Therapy and Combination Chemotherapy in Treating Patients With AIDS-Related Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Active, not recruiting
NCT01717053 Phase II Leuprolide Abiraterone Prednisone Goserelin Abiraterone, Radiotherapy and Short-Term Androgen Deprivation in Unfavorable Localized Prostate Cancer Active, not recruiting