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Therapy Name Bortezomib
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Drug Name Trade Name Synonyms Drug Classes Drug Description
Bortezomib Velcade Velcade (bortezomib) inhibits cellular proteasome activity, thereby altering multiple signaling pathways and induces cytotoxicity and apoptosis. Velcade (bortezomib) also inactivates the NF-kB pathway in various cancers (PMID: 20530581). Velcade (bortezomib) is FDA approved for the treatment of relapsed and refractory mantle cell lymphoma and refractory multiple myeloma (
Molecular Profile Indication/Tumor Type Response Type Therapy Name Approval Status Evidence Type Efficacy Evidence References
Unknown unknown triple-receptor negative breast cancer not applicable Bortezomib Preclinical - Cell culture Actionable In a preclinical study, Velcade (bortezomib) induced complete growth inhibition of triple-receptor negative breast cancer cells in culture (PMID: 27872098). 27872098
Unknown unknown bone giant cell tumor not applicable Bortezomib Preclinical Actionable In a preclinical study, Velcade (Bortezomib) treatment resulted in decreased NF-kappaB signaling, increased apoptosis, and decreased growth of bone giant cell tumor cells in culture, and decreased bone giant cell tumor cell-mediated bone destruction in mouse models (PMID: 26861247). 26861247
Clinical Trial Phase Therapies Title Recruitment Status
NCT02195479 Phase III Bortezomib Daratumumab Melphalan A Study of Combination of Daratumumanb and Velcade (Bortezomib) Melphalan-Prednisone (DVMP) Compared to Velcade Melphalan-Prednisone (VMP) in Participants With Previously Untreated Multiple Myeloma Active, not recruiting
NCT02112916 Phase III Cyclophosphamide Vincristine Ifosfamide Pegaspargase Methotrexate Cytarabine Mercaptopurine Thioguanine Leucovorin Daunorubicin Dexamethasone Bortezomib Etoposide Doxorubicin Combination Chemotherapy With or Without Bortezomib in Treating Younger Patients With Newly Diagnosed T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or Stage II-IV T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Active, not recruiting
NCT02703779 Phase II Bortezomib Filgrastim + Plerixafor Exploratory Trial to Estimate Proportion of Patients With Tumor Cell Contaminated Leukapheresis Products With and Without Bortezomib With In-vivo Purging - Multiple Myeloma (MM) Recruiting
NCT02535806 Phase II Vincristine Bortezomib Pegaspargase Methotrexate Cytarabine Mitoxantrone Prednisone Four Drug Reinduction With Bortezomib for Relapsed or Refractory ALL or LL in Children and Young Adults Terminated
NCT01241708 Phase III Bortezomib Tandem Auto Stem Cell Transplant With Melphalan Followed by Melphalan and Bortezomib in Patients With Multiple Myeloma ((Mel/MelVel)) Recruiting
NCT01428492 Phase I Afuresertib Bortezomib Dexamethasone Ph 1b Study to Evaluate GSK2110183 in Combination With Bortezomib and Dexamethasone in Subjects With Multiple Myeloma Completed
NCT03117751 Phase II Cyclophosphamide Vincristine Idarubicin Blinatumomab Doxorubicin Clofarabine Vorinostat Ruxolitinib Prednisone Bortezomib Etoposide Dasatinib Daunorubicin Dexamethasone Rituximab Methotrexate Cytarabine Mercaptopurine Pegaspargase Total Therapy XVII for Newly Diagnosed Patients With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Lymphoma Recruiting
NCT02551718 Phase I Bosutinib Irinotecan Romidepsin Busulfan Melphalan Nilotinib Crizotinib Cytarabine Mitoxantrone Dasatinib Pazopanib Paclitaxel Clofarabine Hydroxyurea Tretinoin Carfilzomib Nelarabine Bexarotene Pentostatin Everolimus Cabozantinib Mercaptopurine Methotrexate Cladribine Thioguanine Daunorubicin Ponatinib Etoposide Afatinib Gefitinib Gemcitabine Regorafenib Arsenic trioxide Trametinib Imatinib Erlotinib Dabrafenib Decitabine Axitinib Azacitidine Ruxolitinib Fludarabine Lapatinib Ceritinib Sirolimus Sorafenib Lomustine Sunitinib Cabazitaxel Temsirolimus Topotecan Bortezomib Pralatrexate High Throughput Drug Sensitivity Assay and Genomics- Guided Treatment of Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Acute Leukemia Recruiting
NCT01313897 Phase II Bortezomib UARK 2010-35, A Study of Expanded Natural Killer Cell Therapy for Multiple Myeloma (NK2010-35) Completed
NCT02553460 Phase II Cyclophosphamide Mitoxantrone Dexamethasone Bortezomib Etoposide Vincristine Pegaspargase Vorinostat Cytarabine Methotrexate Leucovorin Total Therapy for Infants With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) I Recruiting
NCT03056599 Gemcitabine Interferon alpha-2b Doxorubicin Pembrolizumab Eribulin interferon gamma Ipilimumab Trabectedin Aldesleukin Bortezomib Docetaxel Precise Local Injection of Anti-cancer Drugs Using Presage's CIVO™ Device in Soft Tissue Sarcoma Active, not recruiting
NCT01216683 Phase II Bendamustine + Rituximab Bortezomib Lenalidomide Bendamustine Hydrochloride and Rituximab With or Without Bortezomib Followed by Rituximab With or Without Lenalidomide in Treating Patients With High-Risk Stage II, Stage III, or Stage IV Follicular Lymphoma Active, not recruiting
NCT01863550 Phase III Dexamethasone Lenalidomide Carfilzomib Bortezomib Bortezomib or Carfilzomib With Lenalidomide and Dexamethasone in Treating Patients With Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Recruiting
NCT02343042 Phase Ib/II Bortezomib Dexamethasone + Selinexor Pomalidomide Phase 1b/2 Study of Selinexor (KPT-330) in Combination w/ Backbone Treatments for Resistant/Refractory Multiple Myeloma Recruiting
NCT01371981 Phase III Cytarabine + Daunorubicin + Etoposide Sorafenib Cytarabine + Etoposide Cytarabine + Mitoxantrone Asparaginase + Cytarabine Bortezomib Bortezomib and Sorafenib Tosylate in Treating Patients With Newly Diagnosed Acute Myeloid Leukemia Completed
NCT01453101 Phase II Fludarabine + Melphalan Bortezomib Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Multiple Myeloma Active, not recruiting
NCT01769209 Phase II Bortezomib Cytarabine + Methotrexate Dexamethasone + Doxorubicin + Pegaspargase + Vincristine Bortezomib and Combination Chemotherapy in Treating Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Completed
NCT02440464 Phase II Methotrexate + Tacrolimus Ixazomib Fludarabine + Melphalan Bortezomib Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation With Ixazomib for High Risk Multiple Myeloma (BMT CTN 1302) Active, not recruiting
NCT02265510 Phase I Gemcitabine Carfilzomib Dexamethasone Lenalidomide Nab-paclitaxel Azacitidine INCB052793 Bortezomib An Open-Label Study of a Novel JAK-inhibitor, INCB052793, Given to Patients With Advanced Malignancies Active, not recruiting
NCT02419755 Phase II Cytarabine Mercaptopurine Methotrexate Pegaspargase Vorinostat Doxorubicin Bortezomib Dexamethasone Mitoxantrone Prednisone Bortezomib and Vorinostat in Younger Patients With Refractory or Relapsed MLL Rearranged Hematologic Malignancies Terminated
NCT03878524 Phase I Oxaliplatin Palbociclib Vemurafenib Sirolimus Tretinoin Celecoxib Ipilimumab Ruxolitinib Dasatinib Abiraterone Idelalisib Trametinib Imatinib Erlotinib Carboplatin Olaparib Panobinostat Bortezomib Afatinib Fluorouracil Vorinostat Pembrolizumab Leucovorin Enzalutamide Ponatinib Nivolumab Everolimus Sunitinib Cabazitaxel Cabozantinib Lenvatinib Pertuzumab Sorafenib Venetoclax Bevacizumab A Personalized Medicine Study for Patients With Advanced Cancer of the Breast, Prostate, Pancreas or Those With Refractory Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (SMMART) Not yet recruiting
NCT01522872 Phase Ib/II Evofosfamide Bortezomib Open-label Study of TH-302 and Dexamethasone With or Without Bortezomib in Subjects With Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma Unknown status
NCT02352558 Phase I Imatinib Napabucasin Bortezomib Ibrutinib Dexamethasone A Study of BBI608 in Adult Patients With Advanced, Refractory Hematologic Malignancies Completed
NCT02308280 Phase II Bortezomib Nonmyeloablative Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant Followed by Bortezomib in High-risk Multiple Myeloma Patients Active, not recruiting
NCT03004287 Phase II Melphalan Carfilzomib Cisplatin Cyclophosphamide Lenalidomide Dexamethasone Daratumumab Bortezomib Etoposide Doxorubicin Thalidomide 2015-12: A Study Exploring the Use of Early and Late Consolidation/Maintenance Therapy Recruiting
NCT02559778 Phase I Bortezomib Crizotinib Lapatinib Vorinostat Eflornithine Sorafenib Dasatinib Pediatric Precision Laboratory Advanced Neuroblastoma Therapy Recruiting
NCT00114738 Phase II Cyclophosphamide + Doxorubicin + Etoposide + Methylprednisolone + Rituximab + Vincristine Rituximab Bortezomib EPOCH-R Chemotherapy Plus Bortezomib to Treat Mantle Cell Lymphoma Active, not recruiting
NCT00184015 Bevacizumab Bortezomib Bortezomib and Bevacizumab ("BB-mib-mab") in Patients With Advanced or Recurrent Renal Cell Cancer (RCC) Unknown status
NCT02605356 Phase Ib/II Radium Ra 223 dichloride Bortezomib Dexamethasone Phase 1b/2 Study Testing Radium-223 Dichloride/Bortezomib/Dexamethasone Combination in Relapsed Multiple Myeloma Withdrawn
NCT00092222 Phase II Sirolimus Alpha 2 Interferon Cyclophosphamide + Doxorubicin + Etoposide + Prednisone + Vincristine Rituximab Bortezomib Pegylated liposomal-doxorubicin Virotherapy and Natural History Study of KHSV-Associated Multricentric Castleman s Disease With Correlates of Disease Activity Recruiting
NCT01415752 Phase II Bortezomib Bendamustine Rituximab Lenalidomide Rituximab, Bendamustine Hydrochloride, and Bortezomib Followed by Rituximab and Lenalidomide in Treating Older Patients With Previously Untreated Mantle Cell Lymphoma Recruiting
NCT03607643 Phase Ib/II Temozolomide Bevacizumab + Fluorouracil + Irinotecan + Leucovorin + Oxaliplatin Bevacizumab + Cannabidiol + Fluorouracil + Irinotecan + Leucovorin + Oxaliplatin Bortezomib Bortezomib + Cannabidiol Cannabidiol + Gemcitabine Cannabidiol + Temozolomide Gemcitabine A Study of the Efficacy of Cannabidiol in Patients With Multiple Myeloma, Glioblastoma Multiforme, and GI Malignancies Not yet recruiting
NCT01695330 Phase II Bortezomib Subcutaneous (SC) Bortezomib-Regimens for Patients With RR MM Failing Prior IV Bortezomib-Containing Regimens Terminated
NCT03136146 Phase II Cyclophosphamide Bortezomib Etoposide Rituximab Ofatumumab Clofarabine Pegfilgrastim Study of Clofarabine, Etoposide, Cyclophosphamide [CEC], Liposomal Vincristine (VCR), Dexamethasone and Bortezomib in Relapsed/Refractory Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (LL) Recruiting
NCT01833143 Phase II Bortezomib Bortezomib in KRAS-Mutant Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in Never Smokers or Those With KRAS G12D Active, not recruiting
NCT02139397 Phase Ib/II Eflornithine Bortezomib Study of DFMO in Combination With Bortezomib for Relapsed or Refractory Neuroblastoma Recruiting
NCT02788201 Phase II Erlotinib Thiotepa Imatinib Dacarbazine Arsenic trioxide Idarubicin Mitomycin C Thioguanine Mercaptopurine Methotrexate Cladribine Epirubicin Gemcitabine Doxorubicin Bleomycin Etoposide Gefitinib Daunorubicin Lomustine Sorafenib Sunitinib Ifosfamide Asparaginase Ixabepilone Abiraterone Azacitidine Ruxolitinib Decitabine Axitinib Estramustine Floxuridine Lapatinib Carmustine Fludarabine Nilotinib Cisplatin Vismodegib Vandetanib Melphalan Busulfan Carboplatin Toremifene Crizotinib Dactinomycin Temsirolimus Vorinostat Romidepsin Fluorouracil Irinotecan Bortezomib Tamoxifen Topotecan Chlorambucil Pentostatin Eribulin Carfilzomib Vemurafenib Hydroxyurea Exemestane Vincristine Dasatinib Mitoxantrone Vinblastine Cytarabine Tretinoin Clofarabine Teniposide Docetaxel Pazopanib Oxaliplatin Streptozocin Paclitaxel Bendamustine Mechlorethamine Mitotane Genomic Based Assignment of Therapy in Advanced Urothelial Carcinoma Recruiting
NCT01453088 Phase II Melphalan Bortezomib Auto Transplant High Dose Melphalan vs High Dose Melphalan+Bortezomib in Pts With Multiple Myeloma Age 65 Years or Older Recruiting