Disease Detail

Name neuroendocrine tumor
Definition An endocrine gland cancer that has_material_basis_in neuroendocrine cells.
Source DiseaseOntology.org
Alt Ids
Path disease disease of cellular proliferation cancer organ system cancer endocrine gland cancer neuroendocrine tumor


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Molecular Profile Therapy Indication/Tumor Type Response Type Profile Response Detail
RB1 loss Sirolimus neuroendocrine tumor sensitive detail...
CDKN2A loss ZK 304709 neuroendocrine tumor sensitive detail...
Unknown unknown Sulfatinib neuroendocrine tumor not applicable detail...
Unknown unknown Everolimus neuroendocrine tumor not applicable detail...
Unknown unknown Cixutumumab + Everolimus + Octreotide acetate neuroendocrine tumor not applicable detail...
BRAF V600E Dabrafenib + Trametinib neuroendocrine tumor predicted - sensitive detail...
BRAF V600E Trametinib + Vemurafenib neuroendocrine tumor predicted - sensitive detail...
Unknown unknown Axitinib neuroendocrine tumor not applicable detail...
Unknown unknown Everolimus + Pasireotide neuroendocrine tumor no benefit detail...
Unknown unknown Everolimus + Octreotide neuroendocrine tumor not applicable detail...
Unknown unknown Everolimus + Vorolanib neuroendocrine tumor not applicable detail...
Unknown unknown Pembrolizumab neuroendocrine tumor not applicable detail...
Clinical Trial Phase Therapies Title Recruitment Status
NCT00926640 Phase I Belinostat + Cisplatin + Etoposide A Phase I Study of Belinostat in Combination With Cisplatin and Etoposide in Adults With Small Cell Lung Carcinoma and Other Advanced Cancers Completed
NCT01177397 Phase Ib/II CC-223 Study to Assess Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Efficacy of Oral CC-223 for Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma or Multiple Myeloma Completed
NCT01466036 Phase II Cabozantinib Cabozantinib in Advanced Pancreatic Neuroendocrine and Carcinoid Tumors Active, not recruiting
NCT01841736 Phase II Pazopanib Pazopanib Hydrochloride in Treating Patients With Progressive Carcinoid Tumors Active, not recruiting
NCT02063958 Phase I SNX-5422 Safety and Pharmacology of SNX-5422 Plus Everolimus in Subjects With Neuroendocrine Tumors Completed
NCT02205515 Phase Ib/II Everolimus An Open Label, Single-Centre, Phase II Study of Everolimus With EBRT for the Treatment of mNET Liver Metastasis Recruiting
NCT02250885 Phase II Selinexor KPT-330 to Treat Poorly Differentiated Lung and Gastroenteropancreatic Tumors Completed
NCT02259725 Phase II Regorafenib Regorafenib in Treating Patients With Advanced or Metastatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Active, not recruiting
NCT02279433 Phase I DS6051b A First-in-human Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of DS-6051b Active, not recruiting
NCT02315625 Phase II Everolimus Sunitinib Study of Mutation-Targeted Therapy With Sunitinib or Everolimus in People With Advanced Low- or Intermediate-Grade Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Gastrointestinal Tract and Pancreas With or Without Cytoreductive Surgery Completed
NCT02399215 Phase II Nintedanib Nintedanib in Treating Patients With Locally Advanced or Metastatic Neuroendocrine Tumors Active, not recruiting
NCT02402920 Phase I Carboplatin + Etoposide + Pembrolizumab Cisplatin Phase I Trial of MK-3475 and Concurrent Chemo/Radiation for the Elimination of Small Cell Lung Cancer Recruiting
NCT02420691 Phase II Ribociclib LEE011 in Neuroendocrine Tumors of Foregut Origin Active, not recruiting
NCT02454972 Phase II Lurbinectedin Clinical Trial of Lurbinectedin (PM01183) in Selected Advanced Solid Tumors Active, not recruiting
NCT02487095 Phase Ib/II VX-970 Topotecan Trial of Topotecan With VX-970, an ATR Kinase Inhibitor, in Small Cell Lung Cancer Recruiting
NCT02489903 Phase II Etoposide RRx-001 Carboplatin Cisplatin Nab-paclitaxel RRx-001 in Small, Non-small Cell Lung Cancer, and Neuroendocrine Tumors Prior to Re-administration of Platinum Based Doublet Regimens Recruiting
NCT02628067 Phase II Pembrolizumab Study of Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) in Participants With Advanced Solid Tumors (MK-3475-158/KEYNOTE-158) Recruiting
NCT02631733 Phase I Irinotecan + Veliparib Liposomal Irinotecan and Veliparib in Treating Patients With Solid Tumors That Are Metastatic or Cannot Be Removed by Surgery Suspended
NCT02795858 Phase II Octreotide + Ramucirumab A Phase II Study of Ramucirumab With Somatostatin Analog Therapy in Patients With Advanced, Progressive Carcinoid Tumors Recruiting
NCT02831179 Phase I Capecitabine + Temozolomide + Veliparib Veliparib, Capecitabine, and Temozolomide in Patients With Advanced, Metastatic, and Recurrent Neuroendocrine Tumor Withdrawn
NCT02936323 PEN-221 PEN-221 in Somatostatin Receptor 2 Expressing Advanced Cancers Including Neuroendocrine and Small Cell Lung Cancers Recruiting
NCT02939651 Phase II Pembrolizumab A Study of Pembrolizumab in Patients With Neuroendocrine Tumors Recruiting
NCT02955069 Phase II Spartalizumab Study of Efficacy and Safety of PDR001 in Patients With Advanced or Metastatic Non-functional Neuroendocrine Tumors of Pancreatic, Gastrointestinal (GI), or Thoracic Origin Active, not recruiting
NCT03014297 Phase I Everolimus + Fosbretabulin Fosbretabulin With Everolimus in Neuroendocrine Tumors With Progression Active, not recruiting
NCT03034200 Phase II ONC201 Phase 2 Study of ONC201 in Neuroendocrine Tumors Recruiting
NCT03070301 Phase II Everolimus + Ribociclib A Study of LEE011 With Everolimus in Patients With Advanced Neuroendocrine Tumors Recruiting
NCT03074513 Phase II Atezolizumab + Bevacizumab Atezolizumab and Bevacizumab in Rare Solid Tumors Recruiting
NCT03211988 Phase II Entinostat Entinostat Neuroendocrine (NE) Tumor Recruiting
NCT03289741 FDA approved Lanreotide Depot + Octreotide A Study to Evaluate Patient Experience in the Therapy of Neuroendocrine Tumors Treated With Octreotide Long Acting Release Versus Lanreotide Recruiting
NCT03290079 Phase II Pembrolizumab Pembrolizumab in Advanced Poorly Differentiated and/or High Grade Neuroendocrine Tumors/Carcinomas Suspended
NCT03365791 Phase II LAG525 Spartalizumab PDR001 Plus LAG525 for Patients With Advanced Solid and Hematologic Malignancies Active, not recruiting
NCT03375320 Phase III Cabozantinib Cabozantinib S-malate in Treating Patients With Neuroendocrine Tumors Previously Treated With Everolimus That Are Locally Advanced, Metastatic, or Cannot Be Removed by Surgery Recruiting
NCT03411915 Phase I XmAb18087 A Study of XmAb18087 in Subjects With NET and GIST Recruiting
NCT03420521 Phase II Ipilimumab + Nivolumab Nivolumab With Ipilimumab in Subjects With Neuroendocrine Tumors Recruiting
NCT03457948 Phase II Pembrolizumab Pembrolizumab + Yttrium-90 Pembrolizumab and Liver-Directed Therapy in Treating Patients With Well-Differentiated Neuroendocrine Tumors and Symptomatic and/or Progressive Liver Metastases Recruiting
NCT03517488 Phase I XmAb20717 A Study of XmAb20717 in Subjects With Selected Advanced Solid Tumors (DUET-2) Recruiting
NCT03950609 Phase II Everolimus + Lenvatinib Lenvatinib and Everolimus in Treating Patients With Advanced, Unresectable Carcinoid Tumors Not yet recruiting