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ID DOID:3459
Name breast carcinoma
Definition A breast cancer that has_material_basis_in abnormally proliferating cells derives_from epithelial cells.
Source DiseaseOntology.org
Alt Ids
Path disease disease of cellular proliferation cancer organ system cancer thoracic cancer breast cancer breast carcinoma


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Molecular Profile Therapy Indication/Tumor Type Response Type Profile Response Detail
RB1 mut TP53 mut R547 breast carcinoma sensitive detail...
RB1 wild-type TP53 mut R547 breast carcinoma sensitive detail...
RB1 wild-type TP53 wild-type R547 breast carcinoma sensitive detail...
PIK3CA E545K XL147 breast carcinoma sensitive detail...
FGFR2 pos FGFR3 pos E7090 breast carcinoma sensitive detail...
TP53 mutant Camptothecin + CHIR-124 breast carcinoma predicted - sensitive detail...
TP53 inact mut CHIR-124 + Irinotecan breast carcinoma predicted - sensitive detail...
TP53 inact mut CHIR-124 + SN-38 breast carcinoma predicted - sensitive detail...
Clinical Trial Phase Therapies Title Recruitment Status Covered Countries Other Countries
NCT01174121 Phase II Pembrolizumab Cyclophosphamide + Fludarabine Aldesleukin Immunotherapy Using Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes for Patients With Metastatic Cancer Recruiting USA 0
NCT01293032 Phase I Tamoxifen Hormone Therapy Or Chemotherapy Before Surgery Based on Gene Expression Analysis in Treating Patients With Breast Cancer Completed USA | CAN 0
NCT01466972 Phase II Pazopanib Reversing Hormone Resistance in Advanced Breast Cancer With Pazopanib Completed USA 0
NCT01864746 Phase III Palbociclib A Study of Palbociclib in Addition to Standard Endocrine Treatment in Hormone Receptor Positive Her2 Normal Patients With Residual Disease After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Surgery (PENELOPE-B) Active, not recruiting USA | FRA | ESP | DEU | CAN | AUT 5
NCT01945775 Phase III Gemcitabine Capecitabine Vinorelbine Talazoparib Eribulin A Study Evaluating Talazoparib (BMN 673), a PARP Inhibitor, in Advanced and/or Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients With BRCA Mutation (EMBRACA Study) (EMBRACA) Completed USA | ITA | FRA | ESP | DEU | BEL 10
NCT01952054 Phase II Denosumab Denosumab for Breast Cancer With Bone Mets Terminated USA 0
NCT02034916 Phase II Talazoparib A Phase 2, 2-Stage, 2-Cohort Study of Talazoparib (BMN 673), in Locally Advanced and/or Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients With BRCA Mutation (ABRAZO Study) Terminated USA | FRA | ESP | DEU 1
NCT02270372 Phase I Varlilumab ONT-10 Study of ONT-10 and Varlilumab to Treat Advanced Ovarian or Breast Cancer Completed USA 0
NCT02278965 Phase I Metformin Metformin and Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Woman With a History of Early Stage Breast Cancer Completed USA 0
NCT02436993 Phase II Bevacizumab Pertuzumab + Trastuzumab Carboplatin + Paclitaxel Breast Cancer Treatment Using Weekly Carboplatin + Paclitaxel With Pertuzumab + Trastuzumab (HER2+) or Bevacizumab (HER2-) in the Neoadjuvant Setting Recruiting USA 0
NCT02454972 Phase II Lurbinectedin Clinical Trial of Lurbinectedin (PM01183) in Selected Advanced Solid Tumors Completed USA | ITA | FRA | ESP | DEU | BEL 3
NCT02658812 Phase II Talimogene laherparepvec Talimogene Laherparepvec in Treating Patients With Recurrent Breast Cancer That Cannot Be Removed by Surgery Terminated USA 0
NCT02960594 Phase I INO-1400 + INO-9012 INO-1400 hTERT Immunotherapy Alone or in Combination With IL-12 DNA Followed by Electroporation in Adults With Solid Tumors at High Risk of Relapse Completed USA 0
NCT03004534 Phase 0 Darolutamide A Study to Evaluate Changes in Human Breast Cancer Tissue Following Short-Term Use of ODM-201 Completed USA | DEU | CAN 0
NCT03182634 Phase II Fulvestrant Ceralasertib + Olaparib Capivasertib Fulvestrant + Neratinib The UK Plasma Based Molecular Profiling of Advanced Breast Cancer to Inform Therapeutic CHoices (plasmaMATCH) Trial (plasmaMATCH) Recruiting 1
NCT03238196 Phase I Erdafitinib + Fulvestrant + Palbociclib Fulvestrant, Palbociclib and Erdafitinib in ER+/HER2-/FGFR-amplified Metastatic Breast Cancer Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT03238495 Phase II Carboplatin + Docetaxel + Pertuzumab + Trastuzumab Carboplatin + Docetaxel + Metformin + Pertuzumab + Trastuzumab Randomized Trial of Neo-adjuvant Chemotherapy With or Without Metformin for HER2 Positive Operable Breast Cancer Recruiting USA 0
NCT03238703 FDA approved Tamoxifen Exemestane Toremifene Anastrozole Letrozole Endocrine Therapy in Treating Patients With HER2 Negative, Low Risk Breast Cancer Withdrawn USA 0
NCT03747042 Phase I Letrozole Letrozole in Post-Menopausal Patients With Operable Hormone-Sensitive Breast Cancer Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT03861403 Phase Ib/II Avelumab + Cyclophosphamide + TRX518 A Dose Escalation and Expansion Study of TRX518 in Combination With Cyclophosphamide Plus Avelumab in Advanced Solid Tumors Terminated USA 0
NCT03916744 Phase I Giredestrant A Study of GDC-9545 in Postmenopausal Women With Stage I-III Operable, Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer Completed USA | FRA | ESP | BEL 2
NCT03957096 Phase I SGN-CD47M A Safety Study of SGN-CD47M in Patients With Solid Tumors Terminated USA 0
NCT03962647 Phase I Letrozole A 2-Week Ketogenic Diet in Combination With Letrozole to Modulate PI3K Signaling in ER+ Breast Cancer Recruiting USA 0
NCT04054752 Phase I NT-I7 Vaccine Response With NT-I7 Recruiting USA 0
NCT04294225 Phase II Anastrozole + Letrozole Anastrozole and Letrozole After Surgery for the Treatment of Stage I-III Breast Cancer Recruiting USA 0
NCT04393298 Phase Ib/II UCB6114 Trifluridine-tipiracil hydrochloride + UCB6114 Fluorouracil + Leucovorin + Oxaliplatin + UCB6114 A Study to Assess the Safety, Pharmacokinetics and Antitumor Activity of UCB6114 Administered Intravenously to Participants With Advanced Solid Tumors Recruiting USA 1
NCT04425018 Phase II Paclitaxel + Pertuzumab + Trastuzumab Margetuximab-cmkb + Paclitaxel + Pertuzumab MARGetuximab Or Trastuzumab (MARGOT) Recruiting USA 0
NCT04529044 Phase II lutetium Lu 177 dotatate 177Lu-DOTATATE for the Treatment of Stage IV or Recurrent Breast Cancer Not yet recruiting USA 0
NCT04553770 Phase II Trastuzumab deruxtecan Anastrozole + Trastuzumab deruxtecan Trastuzumab Deruxtecan Alone or in Combination With Anastrozole for the Treatment of Early Stage HER2 Low, Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Recruiting USA 0
NCT05143970 Phase I IPH5301 IPH5301 + Paclitaxel + Trastuzumab A Phase 1 First-In-Human Study of the Anti-CD73 IPH5301 Alone or in Combination With Chemotherapy and Trastuzumab in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors (CHANCES) Recruiting FRA 0
NCT05163041 Phase Ib/II BT7480 BT7480 + Nivolumab Study BT7480-100 in Patients With Advanced Malignancies Associated With Nectin-4 Expression Recruiting USA 1