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ID DOID:5750
Name endometrial serous adenocarcinoma
Definition A uterine corpus cancer that is characterized histologically by papillae with fibrovascular cores, marked nuclear atypia, psammoma bodies and cilia.
Source DiseaseOntology.org
Alt Ids
Path disease disease of cellular proliferation cancer organ system cancer reproductive organ cancer female reproductive organ cancer uterine cancer uterine corpus cancer endometrial serous adenocarcinoma


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Molecular Profile Therapy Indication/Tumor Type Response Type Profile Response Detail
BRIP1 Q554Hfs*35 Olaparib endometrial serous adenocarcinoma predicted - sensitive detail...
PIK3CA E542K Copanlisib endometrial serous adenocarcinoma predicted - sensitive detail...
PALB2 del exon11 Olaparib endometrial serous adenocarcinoma predicted - sensitive detail...
Clinical Trial Phase Therapies Title Recruitment Status Covered Countries Other Countries
NCT01367002 Phase II Trastuzumab Carboplatin + Paclitaxel Evaluation of Carboplatin/Paclitaxel With and Without Trastuzumab (Herceptin) in Uterine Serous Cancer Completed USA 0
NCT02491099 Phase II Afatinib A Phase II Evaluation of Afatinibin Patients With Persistent or Recurrent HER2-positive Uterine Serous Carcinoma (Afatinib) Recruiting USA 0
NCT03660826 Phase II Olaparib Cediranib + Olaparib Olaparib and Cediranib Maleate in Treating Patients With Recurrent, Refractory, or Metastatic Endometrial Cancer Active, not recruiting USA | CAN 0
NCT03668340 Phase II Adavosertib AZD1775 in Women With Recurrent or Persistent Uterine Serous Carcinoma or Uterine Carcinosarcoma Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT03694262 Phase II Atezolizumab + Bevacizumab + Rucaparib The EndoBARR Trial (Endometrial Bevacizumab, Atezolizumab, Rucaparib) (EndoBARR) Completed USA 0
NCT03694834 Phase I Pembrolizumab Carboplatin + Paclitaxel + Pembrolizumab Window of Opportunity Study of Pembrolizumab in Early Stage, High Grade Obesity-driven Endometrial Cancer Terminated USA 0
NCT03832361 Phase II Mirvetuximab Soravtansine Evaluation of Mirvetuximab Soravtansine (IMGN853) in Women With Folate Receptor-alpha Positive Endometrial Cancer Recruiting USA 0
NCT03914612 Phase III Pembrolizumab Carboplatin + Paclitaxel + Pembrolizumab Carboplatin + Paclitaxel Testing the Addition of the Immunotherapy Drug Pembrolizumab to the Usual Chemotherapy Treatment (Paclitaxel and Carboplatin) in Stage III-IV or Recurrent Endometrial Cancer Active, not recruiting USA | CAN 3
NCT04080284 Phase II Niraparib Trial of Maintenance With Niraparib- Uterine Serous Carcinoma Recruiting USA 0
NCT04159155 Phase II Carboplatin + Cisplatin + Paclitaxel Carboplatin + Niraparib + Paclitaxel Carboplatin + Paclitaxel A Study of Various Treatments in Serous or p53 Abnormal Endometrial Cancer (CAN-STAMP) Recruiting CAN 0
NCT04196257 Phase I BP1001-A BP1001-A + Paclitaxel BP1001-A in Patients With Advanced or Recurrent Solid Tumors Recruiting USA 0
NCT04293094 Phase I AMG 650 Study of AMG 650 in Adult Participants With Advanced Solid Tumors Completed USA | ITA | ESP | CAN | BEL | AUS 1
NCT04585958 Phase I Olaparib + Trastuzumab deruxtecan Testing the Combination of DS-8201a and Olaparib in HER2-Expressing Cancers With Expansion in Patients With Endometrial Cancer Suspended USA 0
NCT04590248 Phase II Adavosertib A Study of Adavosertib as Treatment for Uterine Serous Carcinoma (ADAGIO) Completed USA | ITA | FRA | ESP | CAN 0
NCT04719273 Phase II Anastrozole + Onapristone Onapristone and Anastrozole for the Treatment of Refractory Hormone Receptor Positive Endometrial Cancer Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT04750941 Phase II Copanlisib Study of Copanlisib and Ketogenic Diet Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT04814108 Phase II ZN-c3 A Study of ZN-c3 in Women With Recurrent or Persistent Uterine Serous Carcinoma Active, not recruiting USA | CAN | AUS 1
NCT05255653 Phase II Olaparib Medroxyprogesterone Carboplatin Megestrol acetate Paclitaxel Cisplatin Durvalumab Refining Adjuvant Treatment IN Endometrial Cancer Based On Molecular Features (RAINBO) Recruiting NLD | GBR | FRA | CAN 0
NCT05256225 Phase II Carboplatin + Paclitaxel + Pertuzumab/trastuzumab/hyaluronidase-zzxf Carboplatin + Paclitaxel Carboplatin + Paclitaxel Trevatide + trastuzumab and hyaluronidase-oysk injection Testing the Addition of Trastuzumab or Trastuzumab/Pertuzumab to the Usual Chemotherapy for HER2 Positive Endometrial Serous Carcinoma or Carcinosarcoma Recruiting USA 1
NCT05300048 Phase I Serabelisib Nab-paclitaxel + Serabelisib Combination of Serabelisib and Insulin Suppressing Diet With or Without Nab-paclitaxel in Subjects With Advanced Solid Tumors With PIK3CA Mutations Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT05498597 Phase I AMT-151 AMT-151 in Patients With Selected Advanced Solid Tumours Recruiting AUS 1
NCT05542407 Phase I Atezolizumab + ONC201 ONC201 and Atezolizumab in Obesity-Driven Endometrial Cancer Recruiting USA 0
NCT05603910 Phase I Lenvatinib + Pembrolizumab Phase 1 Clinical Trial of Lenvatinib, Pembrolizumab and Hypofractionated Pelvic Radiation Therapy for pMMR Recurrent/Unresectable Endometrial Carcinoma Recruiting USA 0
NCT05611931 Phase III Selinexor Selinexor in Maintenance Therapy After Systemic Therapy for Participants With p53 Wild-Type, Advanced or Recurrent Endometrial Carcinoma (XPORT-EC-042) Recruiting USA | ITA | ESP | DEU | CAN | BEL | AUS 7
NCT05826015 Phase I AVB-S6-500 AVB-S6-500 + Paclitaxel AVB-500 (Batiraxcept) in Combination With Paclitaxel in Recurrent High Grade Uterine Cancer Not yet recruiting USA 0
NCT05870761 Phase II Dostarlimab-gxly + Niraparib Combination Niraparib and Dostarlimab Therapy for Recurrent or Persistent Uterine Serous Carcinoma Recruiting USA 0
NCT05920798 Phase Ib/II FR alpha peptide vaccine + Pembrolizumab A Study of FRaDCs for Ovarian Cancer Recruiting USA 0
NCT06136884 Phase I AO-252 A First-In-Human, Phase 1 Study Evaluating Oral TACC3 PPI Inhibitor, AO-252, in Advanced Solid Tumors Recruiting USA 0
NCT06369155 Phase II ZN-c3 Azenosertib in Uterine Serous Carcinoma: Biomarker Study Not yet recruiting USA 0
NCT06457997 Phase I PHN-010 A Study of PHN-010 in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors Not yet recruiting USA 0