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ID DOID:3347
Name osteosarcoma
Definition A bone sarcoma that is located_in bone that has_material_basis_in cells of mesenchymal origin.
Source DiseaseOntology.org
Alt Ids DOID:183
Path disease disease of cellular proliferation cancer organ system cancer musculoskeletal system cancer connective tissue cancer bone cancer bone sarcoma osteosarcoma


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Clinical Trial Phase Therapies Title Recruitment Status Covered Countries Other Countries
NCT00902044 Phase I Fludarabine Cyclophosphamide HER2 sensitized T-cells Her2 Chimeric Antigen Receptor Expressing T Cells in Advanced Sarcoma Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT01241162 Phase I Decitabine Decitabine Followed by a Cancer Antigen Vaccine for Patients With Neuroblastoma and Sarcoma Completed USA 0
NCT01331135 Phase I Sirolimus Aflac ST0901 CHOANOME - Sirolimus in Solid Tumors Completed USA 0
NCT01518413 Phase I Irinotecan + Sorafenib Dose Escalation Study of Sorafenib and Irinotecan Combination Therapy in Pediatric Patients With Solid Tumors Completed USA 0
NCT01759303 Phase II Pazopanib Study of Pazopanib in the Treatment of Osteosarcoma Metastatic to the Lung Terminated USA 0
NCT01956669 Phase II Pazopanib Pazopanib Paediatric Phase II Trial Children's Oncology Group (COG) in Solid Tumors Completed USA | CAN 5
NCT02013336 Phase I Cyclophosphamide + MM-398 Phase 1 Study of MM-398 Plus Cyclophosphamide in Pediatric Solid Tumors Unknown status USA 0
NCT02048371 Phase II Regorafenib A Blanket Protocol to Study Oral Regorafenib in Patients With Refractory Liposarcoma, Osteogenic Sarcoma, and Ewing/Ewing-like Sarcomas Recruiting USA 0
NCT02100891 Phase II Phase 2 STIR Trial: Haploidentical Transplant and Donor Natural Killer Cells for Solid Tumors Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT02173093 Phase Ib/II Aldesleukin + GD2Bi-aATC + Sargramostim Activated T Cells Armed With GD2 Bispecific Antibody in Children and Young Adults With Neuroblastoma and Osteosarcoma Unknown status USA 0
NCT02304458 Phase Ib/II Ipilimumab + Nivolumab Nivolumab With or Without Ipilimumab in Treating Younger Patients With Recurrent or Refractory Solid Tumors or Sarcomas Active, not recruiting USA | CAN 0
NCT02357810 Phase II Pazopanib + Topotecan Pazopanib Hydrochloride and Topotecan Hydrochloride in Treating Patients With Metastatic Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcomas Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT02389244 Phase II Regorafenib A Phase II Study Evaluating Efficacy and Safety of Regorafenib in Patients With Metastatic Bone Sarcomas (REGOBONE) Recruiting 1
NCT02406781 Phase II Cyclophosphamide + Pembrolizumab Cyclophosphamide + GLA-SE + Pembrolizumab Combination of MK3475 and Metronomic Cyclophosphamide in Patients With Advanced Sarcomas : Multicentre Phase II Trial (PEMBROSARC) Active, not recruiting 1
NCT02432274 Phase Ib/II Etoposide Lenvatinib Cyclophosphamide Study of Lenvatinib in Children and Adolescents With Refractory or Relapsed Solid Malignancies Active, not recruiting USA 5
NCT02446431 Phase I Cyclophosphamide Bevacizumab Temsirolimus Valproic acid Metronomic Therapy for Pediatric Patients With Solid Tumors at High Risk of Recurrence Recruiting USA 0
NCT02470091 Phase II Denosumab Denosumab in Treating Patients With Recurrent or Refractory Osteosarcoma Active, not recruiting USA | CAN 1
NCT02487979 Phase II Glembatumumab vedotin Glembatumumab Vedotin in Treating Patients With Recurrent or Refractory Osteosarcoma Completed USA | CAN 1
NCT02517918 Phase I Cyclophosphamide + Methotrexate + Sirolimus + Zoledronic acid Metronomic Chemotherapy in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumor With Bone Metastasis and Advanced Pretreated Osteosarcoma a (METZOLIMOS) Recruiting 1
NCT02644460 Phase I Abemaciclib Abemaciclib in Children With DIPG or Recurrent/Refractory Solid Tumors Recruiting USA 0
NCT02789228 Phase I MultiTAA-specific T cells Research Study Utilizing Expanded Multi-antigen Specific Lymphocytes for the Treatment of Solid Tumors (REST) Recruiting USA 0
NCT02815995 Phase II Durvalumab + Tremelimumab Multi-Arm Study to Test the Efficacy of Immunotherapeutic Agents in Multiple Sarcoma Subtypes Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT02879162 Phase II Durvalumab + Tremelimumab Durvalumab and Tremelimumab in Patients With Advanced Rare Tumours Active, not recruiting CAN 0
NCT02982941 Phase I MGA271 Enoblituzumab (MGA271) in Children With B7-H3-expressing Solid Tumors Completed USA 0
NCT03006848 Phase II Avelumab A Phase II Trial of Avelumab in Patients With Recurrent or Progressive Osteosarcoma Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT03139331 Phase I Irinotecan + Pazopanib + Temozolomide PAZIT Study for Children and Young Adults With Relapsed or Refractory Sarcoma Completed USA 0
NCT03190174 Phase Ib/II Nab-rapamycin + Nivolumab Nivolumab (Opdivo) Plus ABI-009 (Nab-rapamycin) for Advanced Sarcoma Completed USA 0
NCT03242382 Phase II Palbociclib Trial of Palbociclib in Second Line of Advanced Sarcomas With CDK4 Overexpression. (PalboSarc) Recruiting 1
NCT03277924 Phase Ib/II Nivolumab + Sunitinib Trial of Sunitinib Plus Nivolumab After Standard Treatment in Advanced Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcomas (ImmunoSarc) Recruiting 3
NCT03282344 Phase II Nivolumab + NKTR-214 A Study of NKTR-214 in Combination With Nivolumab in Patients With Metastatic and/or Locally Advanced Sarcoma Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT03320330 Phase Ib/II Pepinemab VX15/2503 in Treating Younger Patients With Recurrent, Relapsed, or Refractory Solid Tumors Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT03422679 Phase Ib/II CB-103 Study of CB-103 in Adult Patients With Advanced or Metastatic Solid Tumours and Haematological Malignancies Recruiting USA 3
NCT03449108 Phase II Cyclophosphamide + Fludarabine + Interleukin-12 + LN-145 + Mesna Iovance Alliance: LN-145 Across Multiple Tumor Types Recruiting USA 0
NCT03458728 Phase Ib/II Copanlisib Safety, Tolerability, Efficacy and Pharmacokinetics of Copanlisib in Pediatric Patients Recruiting USA 0
NCT03628209 Phase Ib/II Azacitidine + Nivolumab Nivolumab or Nivolumab and Azacitidine in Patients With Recurrent, Resectable Osteosarcoma Recruiting USA 0
NCT03635632 Phase I C7R-GD2.CART cells Cyclophosphamide + Fludarabine C7R-GD2.CART Cells for Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Neuroblastoma and Other GD2 Positive Cancers (GAIL-N) Recruiting USA 0
NCT03698994 Phase II Ulixertinib Ulixertinib in Treating Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, or Histiocytic Disorders With MAPK Pathway Mutations (A Pediatric MATCH Treatment Trial) Active, not recruiting USA 1
NCT03718091 Phase II Berzosertib M6620 (VX-970) in Selected Solid Tumors Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT03860207 Phase Ib/II Hu3F8-BsAb Study of the Safety and Efficacy of Humanized 3F8 Bispecific Antibody (Hu3F8-BsAb) in Patients With Relapsed/Refractory Neuroblastoma, Osteosarcoma and Other Solid Tumor Cancers Recruiting USA 0
NCT03900793 Phase I Losartan + Sunitinib Losartan + Sunitinib in Treatment of Osteosarcoma Recruiting USA 0
NCT03960177 Phase I Glucarpidase Glucarpidase After High-Dose Methotrexate in Patients With Osteosarcoma Recruiting USA 0
NCT04040205 Phase II Abemaciclib Abemaciclib for Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcoma With Cyclin-Dependent Kinase (CDK) Pathway Alteration Recruiting USA 0
NCT04055220 FDA approved Regorafenib Efficacy and Safety of Regorafenib as Maintenance Therapy After First-line Treatment in Patients With Bone Sarcomas (REGOSTA) Recruiting 1
NCT04154189 Phase II Etoposide + Ifosfamide Etoposide + Ifosfamide + Lenvatinib A Study to Compare the Efficacy and Safety of Ifosfamide and Etoposide With or Without Lenvatinib in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults With Relapsed and Refractory Osteosarcoma Active, not recruiting USA | CAN 19
NCT04183062 Phase II BIO-11006 + Docetaxel + Gemcitabine BIO-11006 for Osteosarcoma and Ewing's Sarcoma Lung Metastases Recruiting USA 0
NCT04205227 Phase Ib/II ENB003 + Pembrolizumab ENB003 Plus Pembrolizumab Phase 1b/2a in Solid Tumors Recruiting USA 1
NCT04282044 Phase I CRX100 Study of CRX100 in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors Recruiting USA 0
NCT04417062 Phase II Ceralasertib + Olaparib Olaparib With Ceralasertib in Recurrent Osteosarcoma Recruiting USA 0
NCT04469530 Phase II Celecoxib + Cyclophosphamide + Etoposide + Sirolimus Sirolimus in Combination With Metronomic Chemotherapy in Children With High-Risk Solid Tumors (AflacST1903) Recruiting USA 0
NCT04544995 Phase I Dostarlimab-gxly + Niraparib Dose Escalation and Cohort Expansion Study of Niraparib and Dostarlimab in Pediatric Participants With Solid Tumors Recruiting 2
NCT04595994 Phase I Selinexor Selinexor Plus Gemcitabine in Selected Advanced Soft-tissue Sarcoma and Osteosarcoma Recruiting 1
NCT04616560 Phase II Trastuzumab deruxtecan Trastuzumab Deruxtecan for the Treatment of HER2+ Newly Diagnosed or Recurrent Osteosarcoma Suspended USA 0
NCT04661852 Phase I Cabozantinib + Cyclophosphamide + Pegfilgrastim + Topotecan Cabozantinib + Cyclophosphamide + Filgrastim + Topotecan Cabozantinib With Topotecan-Cyclophosphamide Recruiting USA 0
NCT04668300 Phase II Durvalumab + Oleclumab Oleclumab and Durvalumab for the Treatment of Recurrent, Refractory, or Metastatic Sarcoma (DOSa) Recruiting USA 0
NCT04698785 Phase II Regorafenib Efficacy of Regorafenib Combined With Best Supportive Care as Maintenance Treatment in High Grade Bone Sarcomas Patients (REGOMAIN) Recruiting 1
NCT04751383 Phase I Dinutuximab + Hu5F9-G4 Testing the Combination of Two Immunotherapy Drugs (Magrolimab and Dinutuximab) in Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Neuroblastoma or Relapsed Osteosarcoma Recruiting USA | CAN 0
NCT04758000 Phase II Metformin Metformin as Maintenance Therapy in Patients With Bone Sarcoma and High Risk of Relapse (Metform-Bone) Recruiting 1
NCT04784247 Phase II Lenvatinib + Pembrolizumab Lenvatinib and Pembrolizumab in People With Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma Recruiting USA 0
NCT04803877 Phase II Nivolumab + Regorafenib SARC038: Phase 2 Study of Regorafenib and Nivolumab in Osteosarcoma Recruiting USA 0
NCT04833582 Phase Ib/II Gemcitabine + ZN-c3 A Study of ZN-c3 in Combination With Gemcitabine in Subjects With Osteosarcoma Recruiting USA 0
NCT04897880 Phase II Panobinostat A Study of Panobinostat in Pediatric Patients With Solid Tumors Including MRT/ATRT (NORTH) Recruiting USA 2
NCT04906876 Phase II 9-ING-41 + Docetaxel + Gemcitabine 9-ING-41Combined With Chemotherapy in Adolescents and Adults Withdrawn USA 0
NCT05019703 Phase II Atezolizumab + Cabozantinib Atezolizumab and Cabozantinib for the Treatment of Adolescents and Young Adults With Recurrent or Metastatic Osteosarcoma, TACOS Study Not yet recruiting USA 0
NCT05116800 Phase II 9-ING-41 + Docetaxel + Gemcitabine Phase 2 Study of 9-ING-41 With Chemotherapy in Sarcoma Withdrawn USA 0
NCT05131386 Phase II Dexamethasone + Trabectedin Multicohort Trial of Trabectedin and Low-dose Radiation Therapy in Advanced/Metastatic Sarcomas (SYNERGIAS) Recruiting 1
NCT05182164 Phase II Cabozantinib + Pembrolizumab Combination of Pembrolizumab and Cabozantinib in Patients With Advanced Sarcomas (PEMBROCABOSARC) Not yet recruiting 1